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Breed Standards


In 1946 the National Specialist Clubs agreed with the British Rabbit Council that it was desirable that standards should be changed at the most, every five years. The past 77 years has proved the wisdom of the decision.

Fifty years ago instead of publishing the Breed Standards each year in the Year Book, a single standard book was first issued to cover the third period of five years.

This is the12th publishing of the Standard Book, covering the period of 2011-2016.

Not included are Breed Standards for a number of breeds, which are probably not bred at the present time. These include the Beaver, the Nutria, Silver Glavcot and Silver Seal. These standards are still in existence and are available from the Association.

BRC Governing Body.

If you wish to purchase a copy of the Breed Standards 2011-2016 that includes photographs, please go to our shop. If you wish to look up individual breeds without purchasing the whole book, please use the links below. Each breed has been separated from the book for your personal use.

Breeds which are mentioned singularly i.e. Angora have there own Breed Club catering for the breed. Where Breeds marked (R.V.) are all grouped in the Rare Varieties Club.

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Section F - Fancy Breeds

No Breed No Breed No Breed
F.1 Angora F.8 Hare Tan F.15 Silver
F.2 Dutch F.9 Harlequin F.16 Tan
F.3 Dutch Tri-coloured (R.V.) F.10 Himalayan F.17 Thrianta
F.4 English F.11 Lionhead F.18 Tri-coloured English (R.V.)
F.5 Flemish Giant F.12 Netherland Dwarf F.19 Hare Black
F.6 Giant Papillon (R.V.) F.13 Polish    
F.7 Hare Belgian F.14 Rhinelander (R.V.)    

Section L - Lop Breeds

No Breed No Breed No Breed
L.1 Lop Cashmere L.4 Lop English L.7 Lop Meissner (R.V.)
L.2 Lop Cashmere Miniature L.5 Lop French L.8 Lop Miniature
L.3 Lop Dwarf L.6 Lop German L.9 Lop Miniature Lion

Section N - Normal Fur Breeds

No Breed No Breed No Breed
N.1 Alaska N.16 Continental Giant coloured N.31 Siberian
N.2 Argente Bleu N.17 Continental Giant white N.32 Smoke Pearl
N.3 Argente Brun N.18 Deilenaar (R.V.) N.33 Squirrel (R.V.)
N.4 Argente Crème N.19 Fox - Silver N.34 Sussex (R.V.)
N.5 Argente de Champagne N.20 Golden Glavcot (R.V) N.35 Swiss Fox (R.V.)
N.6 Argente Noir N.21 Havana N.36 Thuringer (R.V.)
N.7 Beige (R.V.) N.22 Hulstlander (R.V.) N.37 Vienna Coloured (R.V.)
N.8 Beveren N.23 Lilac N.38 Vienna White (R.V.)
N.9 Blanc de Bouscat (R.V.) N.24 NZ White, black, blue N.39 Wheaten (R.V.)
N.10 Blanc de Hotot (R.V.) N.25 NZ Red N.40 Wheaten Lynx (R.V.)
N.11 Blanc de Termonde (R.V.) N.26 Perlfee (R.V.) N.41 Fauve de Bourgogne (R.V.)
N.12 British Giant (R.V.) N.27 Pointed Beveren (R.V.) N.42 Argente St Hubert
N.13 Californian N.28 Siamese Sable - Marten Sable N.43 Miniature Satin
N.14 Chinchilla N.29 Sallander (R.V.)    
N.15 Chinchilla Giganta N.30 Satin    

Section R - Rex

No Breed
R.1 General Standard
R.2 SELF: Black, Blue, Ermine, Havana, Lilac, Nutria
R.3 SHADED: Sable Siamese, Seal Siamese, Smoke Pearl, Smoke Pearl Marten, Tortoiseshell
R.4 TAN PATTERN: Fawn, Fox, Sable Marten, Seal Marten, Orange, Otter, Tan
R.5 AGOUTI PATTERN:Castor, Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Lynx, Opal
R.6 OTHER VARIETIES: Dalmatian, Harlequin, Himalayan, Silver Seal, Satin Rex