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The BRC Show Diary is for Guidance only

Update 12 December 2014

Secretaries & Chairmen Please See Rule B1.6

Shows with Pet Classes are shown (Pet Class)

13 December
Grantham RC Grantham 2* Mr S Germany (Fancy & Lops), Mr N Robertson (Fur & Rex) (Pet Class) NG31 7QX
Grantham CoM Grantham 0* Miss D Wright CHANGE OF JUDGE
Lincolnshire Dutch RC ASS Grantham 2* Mr T Mason CHANGE OF DATE & VENUE
Midland & Anglian Silver Fox ASS Grantham 2*Mr A G Johnson
Midland & Anglian Silver Fox Yng sup Grantham 2*Mr A G Johnson
National English Lop ADD Grantham 3* Mr F Clipsham
National Flemish Giant RC ASS Grantham 3* Mr F Clipsham (CHANGE OF JUDGE)
National Silver Fox RC ASS Grantham 3*Mr R Lightfoot
National Silver Fox RC u5 S Grantham 2*Mr R Lightfoot

14 December
Barnetby & District F & F Soc Barnetby DN38 6HS 2* Mr D Medlock (Fancy/Lop), Mr J Fletcher (Fur & Rex) (Pet Class)
Barnetby & District F & F Soc Barnetby 1* Miss C Mitcheson (Fancy & Lops), Mrs S Grainger (Fur & Rex)
Buckingham & District F & F Soc Deanshanger 2* Mrs E Massey-Beeston(Fancy/Lops),Mrs D Brass(Fur/Rex)(Pet Class) MK19 6HF CANCELLED
Lincolnshire Dutch RC ASS Barnetby 2* Mr T Mason (Change of Date from 7 Dec)
Thrianta UK Barnetby 3* Mr D Pounder
Derby Rabbit Club Stanley DE7 6FF 2* Mr F Clipsham (Fancy/Lop), Mr WA Clipsham (Fur/Rex) (Pet Class)
South Wales Rabbit Club Castleton 2* Mr G Hodson (all classes)
South Wales Rabbit Club COM Castleton 0* Mrs K Gwillym
Truro & District Rabbit Club Tressilian 2* Mr C Jewer(Fancy/Lops), Mr D Bennett(Fur/Rex)
Yarm & District RC Yarm 3* Mr J Kay(Dutch/English), Mr S Germany (RoF & Lops)
Mr E Caulfield ( Fur/Rex) TS15 9BS

North East Rex ASS Yarm 2* Mr R Siswick
North Eastern Counties Dutch RC Yarm 2* Mr T Craven
National Californian Rabbit Assn Deanshanger 3* Mr R Winckles
South Western Fanciers Soc Dorchester 2* Mrs P Honour (Lops & Fancy), Mr M Cox (Fur & Rex)

21 December

West Sussex Fanciers Pagham 2* Mr D James (all classes) (Pet Class) PO21 3JT

28 December
Durham & District RC Brandon DH7 8SL 2* Mr S Sproson (Fancy), Mr G Richardson (Lop), Mr J Thornton (Fur/Rex) (Pet Class)
Durham & District RC Brandon 1* Mrs D Laidlow (Fancy/Lop), Mr S Gellender (Fur/Rex)