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The BRC Show Diary is for Guidance only

Update 2nd December 2016

Secretaries & Chairmen Please See Rules B1 – B4

Shows with Pet Classes are shown (Pet Class) -


3 December
Huddersfield & District RC Sowood 2* Mr D Medlock (TOF & Lops), Mr B Welford (Fur & Rex), Mr Glen Hodson (Polish) HX4 9HY
Lisburn Rabbit & Cavy Club Newtownards 1* Ms L Plummer
Lothian Fur Club Linlithgow 2* Mr J Thornton
National Argente Rabbit Club Sowood 3* Mr S Smith
National Polish Rc YSS Huddersfield 3* Mr I Radcliffe
National Polish Rc ASS Huddersfield 3* Mr O Brasier (REW), Mr P Brasier (Colours)
North Eastern Counties Dutch RC Wallsend 2* Mr A Wilson
Scottish Netherland Dwarf RC Linlithgow 2* Mr R Young
Scottish Rabbit Club Linlithgow 2* Mr J Fletcher
Wallsend Rabbit Club Swawell 2* Mr P Keen (Du), Mr P Faint (ROF, Lops), Miss R Brewster (Fur & Rex) NE16 3EQ
Wallsend Rabbit Club CoM Swawell 0* Mr P Faint

4 December
Alaska Rabbit Club Kegworth 3* Mr C Punchard CHANGE OF DATE
Central Suffolk R & C Society Dennington 2* Mr P Gould (Fancy & Lops), Miss N Gould (Fur & Rex) IP13 8DD
DSL Excelsior RC Kirk Sandall 2* Mr F Clipsham (Fancy & Lops), Mr P Morris (Fur & Rex) () DN3 1JP
East Lancashire Rabbit Club Broughton 2* Mr R Grindey ROF & Lops), Mr A Aldred (Eng, Fur & Rex) () PR3 5DB CHANGE OF DATJUDGES
East Midland Fanciers Kegworth 2* Mr G Boot (Fancy & Lops), Mr M Fox (ROFur), Mrs D Brass Brown (Bev & Rex) DE74 2FH
East Midland Fanciers CoM Kegworth 0* Mrs D Brass-Brown
Frome & District RC Frome 2* Mr N Jefferis (Dutch & Netherland Dwarf), Mrs D Nicholson (ROF & Fur), Mr M Nicholson (Lop & Rex)
Frome & District RC COM Frome 0* Mr M Nicholson
Lion Lops UK Doncaster 3* Mrs S Grainger CHANGE OF JUDGE
Midland & Southern Beveren Club Kegworth 2* Mr S Gellender CHANGE OF VENUE
Midland & Southern Beveren Club Kegworth 1* Mr S Gellender CHANGE OF VENUE
Midland Chinchilla RC Kegworth 2* Mr A Hill
National Chinchilla RC ASS Kegworth 3* Mr A Carter CHANGE OF DATE
National Chinchilla RC YSS Kegworth 2* Mr A Carter CHANGE OF DATE
National English Lop Club ASS Doncaster 3* Mrs P Kirman
National New Zealand RC Kegworth 3* Mr D Medlock
Northern Lop Club Y Supp Doncaster 2* Mrs R Waring
Northern Lop Club Doncaster 2* Mrs C Terry
Southern Chinchilla RC ASS Kegworth 2* Mr S Gellender CANCELLED
Southern Chinchilla RC YSS Kegworth 2* Mr S Gellender CANCELLED
South Western Area Dutch RC Chapmanslade 2*Mr S Walters
The Beveren Club Kegworth 3* Mr D Gellender
West Sussex Fanciers Pagham 2* Mrs J Saunders
West Sussex Fanciers CoM Pagham 0* Mrs J Saunders
Yorkshire Lop Circle Young SS Doncaster 2* Mr A Hicks
Yorkshire Lop Circle Adult SS Doncaster 2* Ms L Morris

10 December
Grantham Rabbit Club Grantham 2* Mr S Germany (Fancy & Lops), Mr D Medlock (Fur & Rex) NG31 7XQ
Grantham Rabbit Club CoM Grantham 0* Mr D Medlock
Midland Tan RC Grantham 2* Mrs G Webb-Bailey
National Silver Rabbit Club ASS Grantham 3* Mrs G Webb-Bailey
North East Rex RC Yarm 2* Mr A Wray

11 December
Barnetby & District RC Barnetby 2* Mr D Medlock (Fancy & Lops), Mrs D Brass-Brown (Fur & Rex) () DN38 6HS
Barnetby & District RC Barnetby 1* Miss N Rickman (Fancy & Lops), Mrs R Burgess (Fur & Rex) () DN38 6HS
City of Norwich Rabbit & Cavy Club Drayton 2* Mr C Angell
City of Norwich Rabbit & Cavy Club Drayton 1* Ms A LEADBITTER
Derby Rabbit Club Derby 1* Miss N Gould (Fancy & Lops), Mr S Whincup (Fur & Rex) DE7 6FF CHANGE OF DATE DOWNGRADED
Lincolnshire Dutch Rabbit Club Barnetby 2* Mr G Booth
Northern Argente Circle Barnetby 2* Mr A Aldred
North Kent Fanciers Detling 3* Mr B Rideout (Fancy), Mr A Gooda (Fur & Rex), Mr K Lettington (Lops) CHANGE OF JUDGE
Rochdale & Oldham RC Middleton 2* Mr P Smith (Fur & Rex), Mr T Stratford (Fancy & Lops) M24 2RE
South Wales RC Castleton 2* Mr S Whincup
South Wales RC COM Castleton 0* Mrs A White
South Western Fanciers Society Puddletown 2* Mr W Dodge (Fancy & Lops), Miss N Hickd (Fur & Rex) DT2 8RX
Thrianta UK Barnetby 3* Mr P Brasier
Yarm & District Rabbit Club Hurworth 2* Mr A W Hicks (Dwfs & Lops), Mr P Briphy (ROF), Mr M Purdy (Fur & Rex) DL2 2BN CHANGE OF JUDGE

18 December
Fareham & Southampton RC Wickham 3* Mr S Whincup (Fancy & Lops), Mr N Robertson (Fur & Rex) PO17 5AL
Fareham & Southampton RC CoM Wickham 0* Miss H Withers
Southern Dwarf Rabbit Club Fareham 2* Mr J Rogers
Southern Dwarf Rabbit Club Fareham 1* Mr J Rogers
Southern & South Western Rex RC Fareham 2* Mr G Wilson-Harris
Southern Argente Circle Wickham 2* Mrs P Honour
Ulverston Rabbit Club Cartmel 2* Mrs R Waring (Fancy, Lops, BIS), Mr P Tweddel 9Fur, Rex & Jun)

27 December
Durham & District Rabbit Club Meadowfield 2* Mr B Flounders (Dwfs & Lops), Mr L Mitchell (ROF), Mr G Watson (Fur & Rex) DH7 8XF CHANGE OF JUDGE
Ashby and South Derbyshire FS Newton Solney 2* Mr S Whincup (Fancy & Lops), Mr R Grindey (Fur & Rex) DE15 0SG CHANGE OF JUDGE