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Welcome to the Official website of The British Rabbit Council.

Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease

There have been twelve outbreaks of RHD reported to the BRC Office by Members in the last twelve months.
Read more.....RHDV2 Newsletter and Advice for Pet Owners.

Mission Statement

"To protect, further and co-ordinate the interests of all British rabbit breeders; to assist and extend the exhibition rabbits, to influence, advise and co-operate with central and local authorities, departments, education and other committees and schools in promoting the extension of the breeding of rabbits, and to promote and encourage education and research of a scientific and/or practical nature for the welfare and benefit of the rabbit."

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As a member of the BRC you will receive the following:

Articles of Constitution & Rules Book; Breed Standards Book; Year Book; Five Freedoms; Benefits of Vaccination; Top Tips How to Look After Your Rabbit; Composting Rabbit Manure; Recommended Reading; Ring Order Form, in all Adult packs.

The membership also enables you to exhibit rabbits at a BRC Star Show and Join National/Area/Local BRC Clubs.


If you show your rabbits or
are just interested in shows and matters relating, please contact the following society.

Fur & Feather

Fur & Feather
The magazine of the Fancy

Breed Standards

Purchase the NEW Breed Standards book from the members area.

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